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Agricultural Biotechnology Resources

Presentation Videos

Ecological Considerations and Functioning of Microbial Endophytes

Angela Sessitsch, Head of Competence Unit, AIT

Engineering the Rhizosphere Microbiome with Multispecies Probiotic Consortia

Alexandre Jousset, Assistant Professor, Utrecht University

Toward a Better Understanding of Plant Genomes Structure: Combining NGS, Optical Mapping Technology and CRISPR-Catch Approach

Hélène Bergès, Director, French Plant Genomic Center

Plant Genome Editing: Application, Risk Assessment and Regulation

Joachim Schiemann, Director, Institute for Biosafety in Plant Biotechnology

Positional Cloning and Verification of Yr15

Alan Schulman, Professor of Plant Biotechnology, University of Helsinki, Finland

Genome Editing for Low-Acrylamide Wheat

Sarah Raffan, PhD Student, Rothamsted Research`

Increasing Shelf Life of Perishable Produce Using Patented Gene Technology

Jerry Feitelson, CEO, Co-Founder, Agribody Technologies

Drought Tolerance in Pearl Millet

Ambika Dudhate PhD Researcher, The University of Tokyo

Reports and Investor Spreadsheets

Advances in Plant Genomics Research and Technology: Developing Future Systems for Sustainable Production of Food, Fuel and Medicines

Biopesticides: A Quick Guide to Developing Your Product For Distribution

119 AgTech Companies and Investors

Poster Presentations

Reducing the Acrylamide-Forming Potential of Wheat, Rye and Potato: Variety selection, genetic improvement and crop management

Nigel G. Halford and Sarah Raffan, Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom

Identification of Genes Differentially Expressed in Resistance Reaction to Didymella Pinodes in Pisum Sativum L. Field Experiment

M.Gawłowska, A.Durska, W.Święcicki, L.Boros et al., Institute of Plant Genetics

Crops as model species: case studies on sorghum and wheat

Damiano Martignago, David Blasco Escamez, Montserrat Capellades, Caroline Sparks, Alison Huttly, Megan Rafter, Andy Phillips, Steve Thomas, Malcolm Hawkesford, Ana I. Cano-Delgado, Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics, Spain; Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom

Plant X-tender: an Extension of the AssemblXSystem for the Assembly and Expression of Multigene Constructs in Plants

T.Lukan, F.Machens, A.Coll, K.Gruden et al., National Institute of Biology

Unravelling the Regulatory Pathways in using the Universal Plant Chip-Seq Kit

W.Lakhal, A.Zelisko-Schmidt, M.Laczik et al., Diagenode sa, Liège Science Park, Belgium

A Fast and Reliable Method for Detecting Base Editing

Cornelia Hampe, Montse Morell, Tatiana Garachtchenko, et al., Takara Bio

Application of Molecular Data to Construct Common Bean Core Collection (Central and South Eastern European Germplasm Example)

Barbara Pipan, Peter Dolničar, Aleš Sedlar, et al., Agricultural Institute of Slovenia

Crops as Model Species: Case Studies on Sorghum and Wheat

Damiano Martignago, David Blasco Escámez, Montserrat Capellades, et al., Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics – Edifici CRAG

Comparative de Novo Transcriptomic Profiling of Salinity Stress Responsiveness in Contrasting Pearl Millet Lines

Harshraj Shinde, Keisuke Tanaka, Ambika Dudhate, et al., Laboratory of Environmental Stress Tolerance Mechanism, ANESC, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Strains of Erwinia amylovora bacteriophages Hena1 and Hena2 isolated in Belarusian orchard

Natalya V. Besarab*, Alexander L. Lagonenko, Anatoly N. Evtushenkov, Belarusian State University, Faculty of Biology

Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria from an Olive Grove for the Production of Tailor-Made Biofertilisers

J. Gallego, S. LLadó, M. Bosch, LEITAT Technological Center

Parentage Assignment in Tetraploid Plant Species Using NGS-Derived Markers

BERNET, Guillermo P, OZÁEZ, Jaime, MIRABEL, Sophie, Agrigenomics and Molecular Microbiology Department at Sistemas Genómicos

Impact of Colorado Potato Beetle Gut Microbiome in the Adaptation of Plants to Drought and Heat Stresses Associated to Climate Change

Carolina Rausell, Inmaculada García-Robles, M. José López-Galiano, et al., Department of Genetics, University of Valencia, Burjassot

Towards the Breeding of a New Generation of Rice Cultivars Adapted to the Use of Biostimulants

Matthew Breil, Fabrice Varoquaux, Clément Leonard, et al., CIRAD, UMR AGAP

Novel Crosstalk Between Ethylene and Salicylic acid Signalling in Potato Unravelled by Network Analysis

Špela Baebler, Anna Coll, Živa Ramšak, et al., National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Integration of fungal endophytes into crop plants to improve productivity

Blake Cleckler and Mustafa Morsy, Department of Biology, University of West Alabama

Annotation of Small RNA Loci in Economically Important Crop Species

Alice Lunardon, Nathan Johnson, Michael J. Axtell, Department of Biology and Huck Institutes of Life Sciences, Penn State University

Enabling the RNA revolution; Cell-free dsRNA production and control of Colorado potato beetle

Bridey Maxwell, Doug Boyes, Jo Tang, Thais Rodrigues, Suresh Desai, Drew Cunningham, Karthikeyan Ramachandriya, James Abshire and Carole Cobb. GreenLight Biosciences @ Medford MA, St Louis MO, and RTP NC

The GRAIN Platform: A Unique Platform to Identify Genome Editing Targets

Frank Skraly, Madan M. R. Ambavaram, Maria Somleva, Meghna Malik, Jihong Tang

Transcriptional Landscape of Sorghum Anthers

Kushagra Krishnan, Namrata Dhaka, Manu Kandpal, Manoj K. Sharma, Rita Sharma, School of Computational & Integrative Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, School of Biotechnology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Transcriptome Dynamics During Stem Elongation in Rice

Manu Kandpal, Chandrapal Vishwakarma, Viswanathan Chinnusamy, Manoj K. Sharma, Rita Sharma, School of Computational & Integrative Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Division of Plant Physiology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, School of Biotechnology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Transcriptomic Analysis on the Regulation of Tomato Ripening by the Ethylene Inhibitor

Yanhong Liu, Jamshed Bobokalonov, Tasnuva Shahrin, LinShu Liu, Molecular Characterization of Foodborne Pathogens Research Unit, Eastern Regional Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, USDA

Endophytic Colletotrichum fioriniae as a possible inoculum source for bitter rot of apple

Phillip Martin, Brian Lehman, Teresa Krawczyk, Kari A. Peter, Penn State University, Buckhout Lab, University Park, Penn State Fruit Research and Extension Center

Investing in RD&E to Create Enduring Profitability for Australian Grain Growers

Hugo Alonso-Cantabrana, Grains Research & Development Corporation

Presentation Slides

Toward a Better Understanding of Plant Genomes Structure

Hélène Bergès, Director, French Plant Genomic Center

Targeted Breeding Applications of CRISPRCas technology for European Markets

Dr. Neal Gutterson, Vice President, R&D, DuPont

Targeted Breeding Applications of CRISPR-Cas

Doane Chilcoat, DuPont Pioneer, Dow DuPont

From Simple to Complex – Phytobiomes and the 2050 Vision for Agriculture

Kellye Eversole, President, Eversole Associates

Transgenerational response variation in maize: dissecting short-term gains for the long term

Randy Wisser, Department of Plant & Soil Sciences, University of Delaware

Increased frequency of plant transformation through transient silencing of epigenetic machinery using VIGS

Igor Kovalchuk, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Increasing Shelf Life of Perishable Produce Using Patented Gene Technology

Jerry Feitelson, Co-Founder & CEO, Agribody Technologies Inc

Plant genomics & gene editing congress

Michiel Reesink, Global Key Account Manager, UgenTec

Structural Variation in Maize: Discovery, Mechanism, and Impact

Patrick Monnahan Hirsch Lab University of Minnesota

Exploring and Harnessing the Functional Diversity of Microbial Dark Matter

Axel Visel, Deputy Director of Science DOE Joint Genome Institute

Rhizophagy Symbiosis in Cereals: Bacterial Transport of Nutrients to Roots/Oxidative Extraction of Nutrients from Bacteria in Roots

James F. White Jr, Kathryn L. Kingsley, Satish K. Verma, Kurt Kowalski

Harnessing the Power of the Plant Microbiome to Increase Crop Health, Growth, and Yield

Prof. Sharon L. Doty University of Washington, Seattle

Dissecting the chromosomal basis for selective rRNA gene silencing, the epigenetic phenomenon known as nucleolar dominance

Craig Pikkard, HHMI Investigator Distinguished Professor, Departments of Biology and Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry, Indiana University

Delivery of Biocontrols

Doug Eisner, CEO, AgroSpheres