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From Liquid Crystal Displays in 1996 to Microfluidics in 2016

Emmanuel Delamarche is a researcher at IBM Research who presented at our 2nd Microfluidics Congress about his research on precision diagnostics based on modular capillary-driven elements.

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ADCs Design and Optimisation

My research activity focuses on the exploration of new drug delivery technology (categorised into polymer complex/conjugates, nanomedicine, and various types of drug delivery formulations) and the application of validated drug delivery technology to NCE candidates in early/exploratory research stages.

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Disease, Ageing and Lifestyle: Considerations from the Microbiome Forum

At the 3rd Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: Europe, topics covered the impact of microbiomes on human health and disease, developing therapeutics, and investment into the microbiome. Duc H. Le, the UK Editor-in-Chief of EBioMedicine, summarises some of the presentations that took place.

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An Interview with Jane Fife: Promoting Plant Growth and Controlling Disease

Jane Fife has nearly 20 years of expertise in application technology and agricultural biologics. Joining  3Bar Biologics in 2016 as Chief Science Officer, her responsibilities include new product development and leading 3Bar’s long-term R&D portfolio.

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Acoustic Microfluidics – The Way Forward in Scientific Research

After more than 10 years in the field of microfluidic and micro and nano engineering, I all too often saw workers exploring a top down approach to their micro and nano solutions.

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Digital Pathology as a Diagnostic Tool

The advances made in the use of digital pathology are undeniable. Its numerous benefits, including increased workflow efficiency, reduction in costs and improved decision making, are opening the door to better communication between patient and pathologist. This is resulting in enhanced patient care – the end goal for all pathologists.

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What I’ve learned about research: tips for junior researchers

1. Never pick a project because it looks easy. They all turn out to be hard anyhow, so you might as well aim at something important.

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Developing Large-Scale Resources for Plant Functional Genomics

Ronan O’Malley has been working to develop large-scale mutant screening collections to identify causal genes within GWAS loci. His final goal is to integrate cistrome, epicistrome, genetic, and natural variant information to understand and ultimately predict how genome and epigenome sequence determines phenotypic outcomes. He spoke to us about his thoughts on plant genomics, bioinformatics and building large-scale resources for functional genomics.

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