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Digital Pathology

Using 3D imaging to enable new discoveries in medicine

The three-dimensional reconstruction and examination of tissue at microscopic resolution have significant potential to enhance the study of normal and disease processes, particularly those involving structural changes or those in which the spatial relationship of disease features is important. Its application to, or combination with techniques such as immunohistochemistry (IHC) or in situ hybridization, adds further value by allowing understanding of additional phenotypic or functional information.

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How to implement machine learning to reap true advantages in pathology

Digitization paves the way for machine learning

With the first FDA approval for primary diagnosis now being a fact, together with several European labs performing the majority of their review digitally, the digitization of pathology has sped up and is now in many labs’ plans.

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5 lessons learned from transitioning to digital

This article was originally published by The Pathologist, November 2016,  and is published with permission.

Digital pathology is not just about the tech. You have to consider the practical impact that technology has on the people who use and maintain it, and on how it affects their day-to-day work.

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Digital pathology and bioinformatics: two sides of the same story

The last decade saw an impressive uptake of digital pathology technologies fueled by technological and methodological developments in whole slide image acquisition, processing and analysis. Besides the continuous improvements in scanner technology – coupled with decreasing storage prices – the development of machine learning methods led to a new generation of algorithms for image segmentation and interpretation.

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Improving cancer diagnosis in rural Sub-Saharan Africa with digital pathology

Cancer is now considered a major public health problem in many Sub-Saharan African countries. It is estimated that 650,000 new cases of cancer are registered in Africa annually. The mortality related to cancer is also higher compared to western countries. It is estimated that 510,000 death related to cancer occur annually in Africa.

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Histopathology Diagnosis Using Artificial Intelligence

Pathological examination of a tissue section is considered to be the gold standard in medicine. It plays a critical and legal role in the diagnostic process.

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Managing Expectations with Digital Pathology

Anyone reading this would be familiar that in April the FDA determined after an extensive clinical trial that a whole slide imaging system presents no greater risk to patient care than an optical microscope. In a purely scientific study design, there is a null hypothesis that states “there is no significant difference between…” and then investigators try to prove or disprove that hypothesis.

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A Business Case for Common Sense

This article was originally published by The Pathologist, November 2016,  and is published with permission.

Good return on investment is more than just a strong business case on paper – you need to consider the practical workings of your laboratory, too.

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