Digital Pathology : Online


10th Mar 2021



Digital Pathology Online:

Uncover spatial biology insights with LCM-driven, cloud-based digital pathology research solution


Join us for an open panel discussion with leading research pathologists on how to address the challenges of current digital pathology workflows and of profiling the tissue microenvironment down to the single-cell level. Then learn from an expert in laser capture microdissection (LCM) how the AccuLift™ Laser Capture Microdissection System digital pathology research solution was designed to offer novel spatial insights, provide high-quality RNA and transform your day-to-day workflow.

Discussion themes include:

  • Challenges with current digital pathology workflow and/or profiling tissue microenvironment down to single cell level (ex. Poor image quality, lack of data analysis tools on regions of interest (ROIs), lack of cloud collaboration for selection, annotation, and export via virtual notebook, lack of pathologist expertise, lack of complete reagent portfolio…etc).
  • How profiling tissue microenvironment and the day-to-day workflow would be transformed by cloud-based digital

Learn from leading research pathologists on how to transform your day-to-day workflow!

Date: 10 March 2021
Time: New York 12:00 | London 17:00 | Paris 18:00 | Singapore 01:00 (11 March) | Tokyo 02:00 (11March) | Sydney 04:00 (11 March)
Duration: 70 minutes
Event structure: 5-minute introduction, 45-minute panel discussion and 20-minute Q&A
Registration fee: Complimentary access
Webinar on-demand: Available to view until midnight 25 March 2021 (registration is required)

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