Labskin’s Virtual Lab Tour


20th Jan 2021



Labskin’s Virtual Lab Tour

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Combining the Labskin lab-grown 3D skin models and Labskin’s ability to harvest and replicate the skin microbiome of a human volunteer, the Remote Clinical Trial platform is an innovative, problem-solving platform which guarantees accurate, socially-distanced product-testing capabilities for cosmetics and skin care brands.

During the webinar Paul Ryan and Alex Chapman will take you through the Labskin laboratory facility in the UK with a virtual tour, followed by an in-depth presentation of the Remote Clinical Trial platform and a case study that will guide you through the Remote Clinical Trial journey from a client perspective.

A live and moderated Q&A session will close out the webinar, and questions can be directed here.

Date: 20 January 2021
Time: New York – 11:00 | London – 16:00 | Paris – 17:00 | Singapore – 00:00 (21 January) |Tokyo – 01: 00 (21 January) |Sydney – 03:00 (21 January)
Duration: 75 minutes
Event structure: Virtual lab tour, 2 presentations and Q&A
Registration fee: Complimentary access
Webinar on-demand: Available to view until midnight 4 November 2020 (registration is required)

Labskin’s pioneering approach to testing skin care products by cloning a patient’s skin microbiome and transplanting it on to Labskin human skin equivalent allows a wide range of testing that no longer requires invasive procedures on patients. Data from next generation sequencing of the Labskin and skin biome is coupled with AI processes to interpret and direct further development of skincare products in a controlled and efficient manner, reducing development time and costs.


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