Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA


2nd-3rd Nov 2017


San Diego

Advance Information

The 2017 agenda is in production.  Download the 2016 details above.

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The 2017 Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA will feature extended panel discussions and round table debates. Plus, there will be venture capital pitch and partner sessions where you can source that all important financing to transform your research into a viable product. With over 60 talks and 7 hours dedicated to networking, the 2017 Forum is not one to miss.

Last year’s congress attracted over 350 industry, academic and investment leaders to discuss the microbiome in health and disease; challenges and opportunities in moving research towards commercialization; and potential partnerships and collaborations

Some of the topics to be covered:

Gut Microbiome:

  • Microbiome and IBD/IBS
  • Microbiome and cancer
  • Interventions in the microbiome –phage/FMT/synthetic biology
  • Microbiome and early life
  • Obesity and cardio-metabolic disease


  • Venture capital and funding options – start-up showcases
  • Pharma and biotech case studies and strategies
  • QC, IP and regulatory angles
  • Going beyond the noise
  • Development, application & acquisition of technology platforms within the microbiome space
  • Partnering across the microbiome field – industry/academia

Outside the Gut:

  • Skin microbiome – acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis, probiotics, wound health & cosmetic applications
  • Women’s health – host-interactions, vaginal microbiome, preterm birth and pregnancy progression
  • Gut-brain axis – signalling, role of human milk oligosaccharides & nutrition, links to disease and behaviour
  • Lung and oral microbiome research

Probiotics and Prebiotics:

  • Probiotics and digestive health
  • Probiotics in paediatrics
  • Regulation and product development
  • Strain identification, screenings and safety
  • Prebiotics, dietary fibre, personalized nutrition
  • Human milk oligosaccharides

The 2016 speakers included:


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  • Biocompare
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  • Global Information
  • Hospitals Management
  • International Journal of Computational Microbiology and Medical Ecology
  • Labsave
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