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5 lessons learned from transitioning to digital

Transitioning to Digital Pathology

This article was originally published by The Pathologist, November 2016,  and is published with permission.

Digital pathology is not just about the tech. You have to consider the practical impact that technology has on the people who use and maintain it, and on how it affects their day-to-day work.

Here’s what we learned during our own transition to digital:

  1. Pathologist training and engagement is absolutely key.
  2. No matter what you’re told about scanning or turnaround times, you’ll only figure out what your personal times are when your own laboratory goes live.
  3. Pre-imaging factors (like making sure you have a hands-free operation, good slides, and careful calibration) are equally or more important than the imaging itself.
  4. Incremental deployment is better than immediate adoption because it allows you to continually adopt new technologies as they emerge and evolve.
  5. Don’t get locked into a single vendor, system or image format; otherwise, you won’t be able to integrate with different platforms.

Is there anything you have learned about transitioning to digital that you’d add to this list? 

Liron Pantanowitz
Liron Pantanowitz
 is Professor of Pathology and Biomedical Informatics, Director of Pathology Informatics and a regular speaker at the Digital Pathology Congress.


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