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New Developments in Liquid Biopsy Technology

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Advances in liquid biopsy technology have seen the development of novel methods that allow for different applications in genetic disorders and tumour detection.

These three experts are leading the field with some of the best new methods using PCR, qPCR and digital PCR:

  • Dr Alain Thierry, Director of Personalised Medicine Research at INSERM, has developed a highly sensitive qPCR-based method for analysing patient tumour and cancer progression from just a standard blood sample.
  • Dr Mike Makrigiorgos, Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, has developed novel PCR methods for enrichment of low-level mutant sequences from tumour and liquid biopsies.
  • Dr Marie Korabecna, Associate Professor at the Charles University in Prague, is investigating applications of cffDNA to identify DNA variant threatening potential genetic disorders carried by foetus, comparing ddPCR and qPCR on identical samples to find optimal method.

Although these methods have improved the way genetic disorders and cancer threats are detected, there is still copious knowledge which needs to be learnt on the role of DNA and its regulation in liquid biopsies. More certainly these approaches have opened new routes to significantly improve human disease detection and treatment.

If you interested in finding out more about the further applications of these innovative methods read the full report here.

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