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Digital PCR: Possibilities & Opportunities

The Digital PCR track at the 4Bio Summit covered the benefits and future development of dPCR, comparisons between dPCR and qPCR and other technologies such as NGS, strategies to convert to a dPCR platform and applying the technology to precision medicine.

If you weren’t able to attend the 4Bio Summit, enjoy these free slides from Ward De Speigelaere, Anthony Magliocco and Nasrin Sarafan-Vasseur.

Prospects for Digital PCR in Absolute Quantification of DNA & RNA 


Using examples of virology, Ward De Speigelaere looks at the possibilities and pitfalls of current digital PCR technology for absolute quantification of DNA and RNA. These slides will explore the methods for normalization of RNA data in digital PCR.

Challenges and Opportunities for Digital PCR in the CLIA of the Moffitt Cancer Experience

Digital PCR assays are currently being developed for several clinical applications including TKI resistance monitoring in patients with advanced lung cancer. In these slides, Anthony Magliocco will explore the challenges and opportunities in deploying digital PCR into clinical practice.

Circulating Tumor DNA Detection from Heparinized Plasma Samples by Droplet Digital PCR

Heparin is often used as plasma anticoagulant for tumor marker analysis but corresponds also to an inhibitory of PCR not enabling circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) detection, which has been highlighted as a potential “liquid biopsy”.

The 4Bio Summit will be covering the developments in microfluidics, qPCR & digital PCR. See the agenda now for the full list of speakers. 

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