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Labs-on-a-chip Meets Smart Nanomaterials and Micromotors


In this presentation, award winning Dr Alberto Escarpa speaks about groundbreaking research on graphene-based micromotors and quantum dots based micromotors.

Watch his examination on the following:

  • The analytical potency of Janus micromotors and the coupling of quantum dots-based tubular micromotors.
  • Examples involving graphene-based LOCs and graphene-based tubular micromotors.
  • Self-propelled antibody-functionalised synthetic catalytic microengines for capturing and transporting target proteins in LOCs devices.


Dr Alberto Escarpa speaking at the Microfluidics Congress: USA 2017

Download the agenda for the 3rd Microfluidics Congress at 4Bio Summit: Europe

4BIO Summit 2017

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