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qPCR and dPCR Resources

Welcome to the qPCR and dPCR resources page: a curated list of presentation videos, slide decks, reports and posters.

These resources were produced from our qPCR and dPCR series of events. The next related conference is:

Presentation Videos

Challenges and Opportunities for Digital PCR in the CLIA Laboratory of the Moffit Cancer Experience

Anthony Magliocco, Senior Member, Moffit Cancer Center

A Digital High Resolution Melt Platform Enables Single Molecule Sensitive, Large-Scale Sequence Profiling

Stephanie Fraley, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering, UCSD

Quality Control and Technical Variance in Plant qPCR Analysis

Jose Die, Visiting Scientist, United States Department of Agriculture

Tumor Derived DNA in Cerebral Spinal Fluid for the Management of Brain Tumours

Chetan Bettegowda, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, John Hopkins Medicine

Poster Presentations

Quantitative Phase Imaging of Cells in Flow

Silvia Ceballos, Han Sang Park, Will J. Eldridge and Adam Wax

Low Energy Extreme PCR: developing an efficient, low cost thermocycling engine

Justin Buckland, Tom Jellicoe TTP plc

A cell-direct method for rapid and robust RNA quantitation

Guoping Ren, Yan Xu, Bo Yan, and Nicole M. Nichols New England Biolabs,

Cell-free DNA enrichment for rapid and lower-cost molecular diagnostics for tuberculosis using isotachophoresis

Nobuyuki Futai, Ashwin Ramachandran, Catherine Hogan, Kanagavel Murugesan, Niaz Banaei, Juan G. Santiago

Novel XNA Molecular Clamp Application in NGS Diagnostic Platform OptiSeqTM Cancer Panels

Tao Zhang, Wenjing Feng, Michael J. Powell, Ping Wu§, Tim Tran§, Ke Zhan and Michael Sha DiaCarta Inc, USA

Development and Validation of ColoScapeTM – A New Non-Invasive Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection Assay

Michael J. Powell, Qing Sun, Larry Pastor, Jinwei Du, Jyoti Phatak, Aiguo Zhang, Kamila Koprowski, Sir Walter Bodmer and Michael Sha, DiaCarta Inc, USA

RT-PCR Controlled by Mirror-Image L-DNA for Detecting RNA Viruses with No Sample Preparation

Nicholas M. Adams, Erin M. Euliano, Anna E. Wolfe, Christia Victoriano, Austin N. Hardcastle, William E. Gabella, Frederick R. Haselton, Biomedical Engineering, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Vanderbilt University, USA

Implementation of NAT activities for viral detection in Sanofi Vitry site

S. Dos Santos, E. Lespinasse, S. Basmaciogullari, M. Marchand

Reports and Investor Spreadsheets

The Big List Of Quantitative PCR & Digital PCR Companies & Investors

New Developments in Liquid Biopsy Technology: Applications in PCR, qPCR, and ddPCR

Presentation Slides

Development and Clinical Validation of Liquid ddPCR Tests for Actionable Somatic Mutations in NSCLC

Gary Pestano, Vice President, Development and Operations, Biodesix

Two-Tailed PCR – New Ultrasensitive and Ultraspecific Technique for the Quantification of MicroRNAs

Mikael Kubista, Department of Biotechnology, CAS and TATAA Biocenter

Circulating Tumor DNA Detection from Heparinized Plasma Samples by Droplet Digital PCR

Nasrin Sarafan-Vasseur, Liquid Biopsy Scientific Leader, Research Team on Oncology (IRON), INSERM and University of Rouen, France

Challenges and Opportunities for Digital PCR in the CLIA Laboratory of the Moffitt Cancer Experience

Anthony Magliocco, Chair of Anatomical Pathology, Moffitt Cancer Center, USA

Prospects for Digital PCR in Absolute Quantification of DNA and RNA

Ward De Spiegelaere, Assistant Professor, Ghent University, Belgium

Admix™: Custom lyophilised RT-PCR reagents for point-of-use applications

Martin A. Lee, CEO Fluorogenics Limited

Explaining Biocide Tolerance of Gram Negative Bacteria

Lucy Bock, Senior Scientist/Project Team Leader, Technology Development Group, Public Health England, UK

Optimized Design of Broadly Detecting qPCR Primers and Probes Using a Conservation and Hybridization Prediction Algorithm

Jonas Blomberg, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Virology, Uppsala University, Sweden

MelTree: A Novel Workflow for the Automated Identification of a Large Number of Variants through HRM

Jean-Christophe Avarre, Head of the High Throughput qPCR Platform and Research Group Leader, University of Montpellier, France

Discordance Between Replicate qPCR Reactions

Jan Ruijter, Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Clinical Utility of Droplet Digital PCR on Liquid Biopsies from Patients with Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer

Daniel Wetterskog, Senior Scientist, Institute of Cancer Research, UK

Developing Ultra-Sensitive PCR Protocols for HIV Vaccine Research

Catherine Kibirige, Clinical Research Scientist at Imperial College London

High Through-Put DNA Methylation Analysis of Lung Cancer: Plasma cfDNA for Biomarker Development

Andreas Weinhaeusel, Ram Vinay Pandev, Walter Pulverer, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Development, Commercialisation and On-market Improvement to Liquid Diagnostic Tests in Lung Cancer

Hestia Mellert, PhD Director, Development, Biodesix

melTree: A novel workflow for the automated identification of a large number of variants using high resolution melting

Jean-Christophe Avarre, Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier (ISEM)

Pan-lyssavirus real-time RT-PCR assay for rabies diagnosis

Yu Li PhD Lead, Molecular Diagnostics & Genomics Team Poxvirus and Rabies Branch

Is precise partition volume (monodispersity) required for good results in dPCR? Actually, no!

Joel Tellinghuisen, Department of Chemistry Vanderbilt University Nashville

Data Analysis Pipelines and Tools for dPCR Experiments

Olivier Thas, Center for Statistics, Hasselt University, Belgium

Extraordinarily Sensitive, Multiplex PCR Assays that Assess the Abundance of Rare Mutations Associated with Cancer

Fred Russell Kramer, Diana Vargas-Gold, Salvatore A.E. Marras, Tova Gerber, Sanjay Tyagi, Public Health Research Institute, New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers University