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Poster Presentations Release: Biologics and Biosimilars

Presented at the 4th Biologics & Biosimilars Congress, these poster presentations are now available to download and share with your colleagues.

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The Future of Droplet Digital PCR and Blood-Based Assays: An Interview with Gary Pestano and Hestia Mellert

We caught up with Dr. Gary Pestano, VP, Development and Operations, Biodesix, and Dr. Hestia Mellert, Director, Development, Biodesix, at the 5th qPCR and Digital PCR Congress at 4Bio, where we discussed novel applications, single-cell technology, and the future of ddPCR and PCR.

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The pivotal role of assays in biologic and biosimilar discovery and development

The quality, accuracy and reliability of assays is particularly critical when developing biologics and biosimilars. Assays for biologics are more complicated than for small molecules, often relying on assays which provide relative measures in contrast to the more absolute measurements gained from standard crystallisation or purity profiles.

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