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Mushroom Polysaccharides: Promising Prebiotics for Healthy Gut Microbiota

Edible fungi or mushrooms are widely used as healthy food and nutraceutical products due to their high nutritive and medicinal value. The world production and consumption of edible and medicinal mushrooms has experienced a steady increase over the last few decades (>25-fold increase in 35 years from 1978  – 2012) and is projected to grow at 9.5% annually from 2014 to 2019, tripling the world GDP growth from 2013 – 2018 (2.5 – 3.0%).

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Microbiome Research and Development: An Open Letter From Karin Loser

Dear colleague,

The skin acts as an interface between the body and the external environment, protecting us from infections or toxins. It is also home to various microbial communities. The balance of commensal bacteria is indicative of healthy skin, with dysbiosis having been linked to various skin diseases, such as psoriasis. A high relative abundance of Actinobacteria has been detected in healthy human skin but inflammatory lesions from psoriasis patients are characterised by an over-representation of Proteobacteria and an under-representation of Actinobacteria.

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Identifying New Probiotics Using In Vivo Models

Dysbiotic characteristics are increasingly attributed to a range of serious, and sometimes fatal, digestive disorders affecting humans. These include inflammatory bowel diseases, chemotherapy-induced mucositis, radiation enteritis, NSAID-enteropathy and colon cancer.

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Microbiome Research and Development: An Open Letter From Philip Hugenholtz

Dear colleague,

The structure and function of the human gut microbiome is being revealed through culture-independent molecular techniques. Many studies have found a great deal of interpersonal variability due to factors such as diet, age and ethnicity. However, there are a small number of relatively abundant microbial species that appear to be widespread in the human population.

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Translating Skin Microbiome Research into Clinical Products

Collaboration between academia and industry

It has been demonstrated many times in the past that academia and industry, working in tandem, can achieve results to their mutual benefit much faster than when they work in isolation. However, one critical challenge for academic researchers is finding the right partner to commercialise their technology.

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The Human Gut Microbiome Viewed Across Geography

Chronic illnesses such as IBD, obesity and diabetes were once considered ‘western’ diseases. However, changes to diet and lifestyle are steadily taking their toll and prevalence rates are rising across the globe. (1) 

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Microbiome: Evolution and Revolution

Life started with unicellular microorganisms

They weren’t complex but they reproduced fast – adapting to the catastrophic events (underwater volcanic activity, change in temperature and chemical composition) of their environment in the oceans of the primordial Earth.

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Susceptibility to Alcohol Induced Liver Injury: Driven by Gut Microbiota?

Over the past decade, the intestinal microbiota has increasingly been recognised as a critical factor in health and disease. My research focuses on the role of the gut microbiome in metabolic diseases and my main aim is to prove causality. Most studies describe the gut microbiota from patients and compare it to healthy controls.

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