Advances in Plant Genomics Research and Technology

Developing Future Systems for Sustainable Production of Food, Fuel and Medicines

The technology for analysing plant genomes, in particular advancing sequencing technologies, is now better and more accessible to researchers due to a wealth of recent innovation leading to greater affordability and availability.

This report highlights just some of the significant advances which continue to be made in commerical and academic research centres around the world, unlocking the potential to cultivate plants for the benefit of the global population and the environment.

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  • Dr Laurence Drouard, Director of Research at the CNRS
  • Professor Jonathan Jones, Group Leader at The Sainsbury Laboratory
  • Jan Dvorak, Professor at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of California
  • Gil Ronen, Founder and Managing Director of NRGene
  • Norman G. Lewis, Professor at the Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State
  • Dr Henry Daniel, Professor and Director of Translational Research at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Ruth Grene, Department of Plant Physiology, Virginia Tech
  • Philipp Zerbe, Assistant Professor at the Department of Plant Biology, University of California, Davis

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