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Report: Developing Biopesticides For Distribution

The application of crop biotechnology in agriculture has permitted an enhanced level of income to farmers and environmental benefits, while also reducing cropland expansion. Insect protected crops, such as corn, showed more than 10% increase in yield worldwide and insect protected corn and cotton augmented farm income by >$56 billion between 1996 and 2001.

As the average cost of bringing a new conventional pesticide to market is about $250 million, there are important factors to consider to ensure the value and the benefits of these products. These relate to their mode of delivery from suppliers to end users, including correct shipping, storage as well as user education.

Through examples in the US market, this report analyses the processes ensuing before any decision is made by a distributor to agree to handle a product, with a particular focus on the:

  • Challenges in bringing new biological products to the market and the considerations which need to be contemplated about the market and regional areas of product expansion
  • Conservation of the products on shelves, and other factors which influence their maintenance, such as temperature control, packaging and storage.
  • Crop specific economics and the average of treatments through the year of each crop type

Download the full report here.

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