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The Global Biocontrol & Biostimulants Congress Presentation Slides

Experts in plant science examined the latest advances in biologicals technique and the future of their industry. We made some of their presentation slides available for you to download.

Exploring Phytobiome Systems: From Microbiomes to Next Generation Precision Agriculture

Phytobiomes consist of plants, the geophysical environment of their specific geographical sites, and the associated macro- and micro-organisms. Focusing on the entire phytobiome of crops like maize, it is possible to investigate the holistic, systems level approach that integrates many disciplines such as geophysics, biology, agronomy and engineering. Through this research Professor Eversole will be able to elucidate, quantify, predict, manipulate and prescribe the cropping systems and management practices most suited for a particular farm, grassland or forest.

View presentation slides here.

Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS): Evolving Plant Microbiomes To Improve Crop Traits

The agricultural industry must feed a growing population while combatting volatile climates, limited resources and a damaged environment. There is a push to develop alternatives or complements to synthetic products as regulations around use are continually restricted. Professor Meadows-Smith studies the beneficial interactions and associations naturally occurring between soil organisms and plants. He investigates these through the BioConsortia’s AMS process, which offers a novel and efficient way to perform high-throughput selection of millions of bacteria via direct selection to rapidly evolve the microbiome.

View presentation slides here.

Harnessing Beneficial Microbial Communities: Opportunities And Challenges For Enhancing Crop Productivity

Technological advances have enabled a deeper understanding of the complex interactions between crops, their microbial communities, the environment and the important role that microbial communities play in enhancing seedling and yield. Professor Broglie researches how microorganism or consortia of microorganisms optimise the root ecosystem creating new opportunities and challenges for the enhancement of crop productivity and sustainability.

View presentation slides here.

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