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Presentation Slides from the 7th Plant Genomics & Gene Editing Congress: USA

The recent 7th Plant Genomics Congress: USA provided a fantastic opportunity to discover how novel gene-editing technologies, CRISPR and other ‘omics’ technologies are being applied to research and product development. We have made the following slides from Jerry Feitelson, Lynne Reuber, Greg Bryan and Chloe Pavely available to view.

Stay tuned to our resources page over the next few weeks for more multimedia resources from our Plant Genomics series.

A Universal Genetic Switch for Increasing Plant Yields, Stress Tolerance and Perishable Product Shelf Life

ATI’s patented genetic modification (GM) and genome editing (GE) technology targets a validated, very early biological switch that delays plant senescence, while increasing resistance to diseases and sublethal stresses in many key crop plants, including 2 years of field trial data in alfalfa.

View the slides

Engineering Durable Disease Resistance

2Blades’ mission is to discover, advance, and deliver genetic improvements in crop disease resistance. Recent advances in plant genomics are enabling them to discover new resistance genes that can be transferred to crops. Here, Lynne Reuber discusses recent progress in addressing wheat rusts and other crop diseases. 

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Sustainably Improving Crop Yield/Composition through Enhanced Photosynthesis

ZeaKal is developing crops with enhanced photosynthesis with its proprietary PhotoSeed technology. They have developed a strategic partnership with a major AgBio company and this provides a route to market for the PhotoSeed technology. Greg Bryan looks at field trials have shown the potential increase in crop yield and improve seed composition.

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Using TALEN® to bring consumer-focused food ingredients to market

Calyxt, Inc. partners with farmers and food companies to deliver traceable plant-based products developed to be healthier and more sustainable such as healthier oils and high fibre wheat. Earlier this year, Calyxt launched its first product, High Oleic Soybean Oil. Chloe Pavely discusses product value, the regulatory path and business model, as well as presenting another upcoming product, High Fiber Wheat.

View the slides

The next event in the series is the 8th Plant Genomics and Gene Editing Congress: Europe in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 4th-5th March 2020. To see the line up of speakers and presentations, download the full agenda.

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