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Round-Up of Top Plant Science News

Round up of top plant news

It’s been a busy month in the field of Plant Science, with new discoveries, technologies, and research making the news. As the month draws to a close, we thought we’d reflect on the top stories.

This month, there was new insights into autophagy, previously extinct plant species, and the way in which climate change poses a potential threat to half of plant and animal species.

Take a look at the list below to find out more: 

1. Half of plant and animal species are at risk from climate change 

Climate Change

WWF has predicted a loss of half of all plant and animal species if we can’t curb emissions. 

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2. Plants overcome hunger with aid of autophagy  

Scientists have discovered that plants depend on autophagy to sustain themselves during starvation conditions, such as when there is insufficient sunlight. 

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3. Strange plant rediscovered after 151 years 

Thismia neptunis

An odd subterranean plant from the rainforests of Malaysia has been rediscovered after it was presumed extinct for the last 151 years. 

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4. Explaining rare plant species

Rare plant species

Because of their susceptibility to disease, rare plant species might find it harder to find suitable new habitats as the climate changes

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5. Fossilised plant leaf wax provides a new tool for understanding ancient climates

Wax leaf plant

New research has outlined a new methodology for estimating ancient atmospheric water content based on fossil plant leaf waxes.

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