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The Second Green Revolution: An Open Letter from Donald R. Marvin

Biocontrol - Donald Marvin

Dear Colleagues,

Our vision of the Second Green Revolution goes beyond genetics, synthetic fertilizers, and chemical controls. It is a more holistic approach that integrates biologicals to optimize agriculture in a way that balances the immediate need for high yields and the long-term considerations for soil health.

But biologicals are still mysterious to many growers. In a recent survey on the biological products market, CropLife magazine reported that the number one reason respondents decided against using biological products was “lack of trust in product performance.” [1] This was true across the biofertilizer, biopesticide and biostimulant categories.

In my upcoming presentation at the Partnerships in Biocontrol, Biostimulant & Microbiome conference in Rotterdam, I will discuss how Inocucor is confronting this barrier to entry.

Inocucor is investing heavily in third-party research trials and the science behind our products to ensure a consistent product that growers can trust and to educate growers about how to combine biologicals with plant nutrients for the best results. We conducted 150 field trials in North and South America in 2017, and we continue to add to our body of field data with more independent research.

In addition to building confidence and trust with growers, this field work with independent researchers and growers, coupled with our own understanding of how our products work, gives us an opportunity to learn more about the challenges they face. This information helps define the direction of product R&D and gives us ‘real world’ experience to pass on to other growers.

I plan to discuss our methodology and philosophy regarding customer trials at the upcoming conference in Rotterdam on May 14 and 15. I hope to see you there.

Best regards,

Donald R. Marvin

President & CEO, Inocucor Corporation, USA, and Inocucor Technologies, Canada

Download the agenda for the Partnerships in Biocontrol, Biostimulants, and Microbiome Congress: Europe here


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