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What’s Next for Plant Genomics?

2017 is drawing to a close and it’s about that time where we begin to reflect. It has been a huge year for plant genomics in terms of technological advancements in the field with two developments in particular: CRISPR and disease resistance.

Successful sequencing, along with the improvement of biological data sets, have given plant scientists the tools and knowledge to make exciting developments to benefit agriculture. Research in plant disease resistance is being used to tackle global issues, such as food security, and novel gene editing technologies like CRISPR will take this research even further. 

According to Donald Marvin, CEO and President of Inocucor, in this new wave of agriculture, “the focus will be on soil health: how to restore soils to serve their original purpose of efficiently delivering nutrients to plants to improve yields, retain water for drought resistance, store carbon to reduce the effects of climate change, purify groundwater, and help crops to naturally resist disease.”

We thought it was time to take a look through the archives and reflect on the steps that have already been taken by compiling a list of the best plant genomics articles of the year. You can find the complete collection below. 

1. From PTI To ETI: An Overview Of Plant Defence Response


Learn more about PAMP-Triggered Immunity and Effector-Triggered Immunity by reading this interesting article, which compares both systems.

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2. A Vision For The Second Green Revolution

edited leaves

Donald Marvin, President and CEO of Inocucor, shares his vision for the Second Green Revolution.

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3. CRISPR: From Early Discoveries To Applications In Plant Science


This timeline highlights the milestones of this novel technology until its most recent developments and applications in plant science.

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4. Understanding The Molecular Basis Of Disease Resistance In Plants


Lynne Reuber discusses the development of durable disease resistance in plants.

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5. CRISPR/Cas9 Technology In Rice And Wheat


CRISPR/Cas9, was released as a biotechnological tool in 2012. In this article, Damiano Martignago explores its application in rice and wheat.

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What’s next for plant genomics? Let us know in the comments below.

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