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Blockchain and Cyber Security Resources

Welcome to the Blockchain and Cyber Security resources page: a curated list of presentation videos, slide decks, reports and posters.

These resources were produced from our Blockchain and Cyber Security series of events. 

Blockchain Presentation Slides

Evaluating How Blockchain Can Transform the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries

Aji Barot, Business Development Director, HealthUnlocked and Disa Lee Choun, Director, Head of Data Acquisition, UCB

CoMEHeRe: Co-operative Models for Evidence-based Healthcare Redistribution

John Collomosse, CVSSP & CoDE, University of Surrey

Cyber Security Presentation Slides

Malware, Blockchain & the GDPR

Caroline Rivett, Cyber & Privacy Director, Life Sciences, KPMG, UK

Interperability & Infrastructure for Point-of-Care & Mobile Devices in the Patients’ Own Home

Katrine Vedel, Special Advisor, Health Innovation Centre, Southern Denmark, Manager, CoLab Plug&Play, Denmark

Addressing Cyber Security & Cyber Crime via a Co-Evolutionary Approach to Reducing Human-Related Risks

Shujun Li, Professor of Cyber Security, School of Computing Director, KirCCS, University of Kent, UK

Integrated Security Plan for Medical Device Software: Scalability & the Lifestyle

Garvan Lynch, Superintendent Pharmacist, Lynch’s Pharmacy, Ireland

Challenges & Opportunities in Managing Cyber Risks

Ram Ramadoss, Vice President, Catholic Health Initiatives, Colorado