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Acoustic Microfluidics – The Way Forward in Scientific Research

After more than 10 years in the field of microfluidic and micro and nano engineering, I all too often saw workers exploring a top down approach to their micro and nano solutions.

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Digital Pathology as a Diagnostic Tool

The advances made in the use of digital pathology are undeniable. Its numerous benefits, including increased workflow efficiency, reduction in costs and improved decision making, are opening the door to better communication between patient and pathologist. This is resulting in enhanced patient care – the end goal for all pathologists.

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What I’ve learned about research: tips for junior researchers

1. Never pick a project because it looks easy. They all turn out to be hard anyhow, so you might as well aim at something important.

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Developing Large-Scale Resources for Plant Functional Genomics

Ronan O’Malley has been working to develop large-scale mutant screening collections to identify causal genes within GWAS loci. His final goal is to integrate cistrome, epicistrome, genetic, and natural variant information to understand and ultimately predict how genome and epigenome sequence determines phenotypic outcomes. He spoke to us about his thoughts on plant genomics, bioinformatics and building large-scale resources for functional genomics.

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An Instagram View of the Nanoworld

Biological nanomachines coordinate the life-sustaining actions of all human cells. Tissue and organ growth, cell maintenance and death – these processes are each controlled by exquisite systems of moving parts, invisible to the human eye. How do these tiny machines form and operate in complex environments? This is the question that fuels my intellectual curiosity.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Venture Capital Firms

As a start-up looking for funding, every venture capital firm might seem the same, but all money is not created equal. When you present yourself to a venture capitalist, you’re selling to a business. This means you need to get to know their business and what motivates their decision-makers.

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Effective communication & management of test results

The World Alliance for Patient Safety has identified poor test result management as a high priority patient safety area. Evidence-based reviews have shown that pathology and imaging test results fail to be followed up in 20% to 62% of inpatients, and in up to 75% of patients treated in an emergency department [1]. Poor test result follow-up can have major consequences for quality of care, including missed diagnoses and sub-optimal patient outcomes.

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Working with PCR in agricultural research

Jean B. Ristaino has spent her career studying Phytophthora diseases of global importance, and has recently been awarded with the Excellence in International Service Award by the American Phytopathological Society for her achievements.

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