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What does the future hold for Microfluidics?

Microfluidics technology has been applied and adopted across many areas of science and technology over the last 20 years, revolutionising the way patients are diagnosed, monitored and treated. Innovation remains very high in sample analysis and detection and progress has been boosted by the many new tools and procedures created in parallel to enable this.

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From Liquid Crystal Displays in 1996 to Microfluidics in 2016

Emmanuel Delamarche is a researcher at IBM Research who presented at our 2nd Microfluidics Congress about his research on precision diagnostics based on modular capillary-driven elements.

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Acoustic Microfluidics – The Way Forward in Scientific Research

After more than 10 years in the field of microfluidic and micro and nano engineering, I all too often saw workers exploring a top down approach to their micro and nano solutions.

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Enabling Simultaneous Label-Free Sensing in Microfluidics

Microfluidics is a rapidly developing area of research and scientists are continually discovering the wide range of possibilities the technology can provide. Carolyn Ren is one such scientist. We spoke to Carolyn about her research around droplet microfluidics and how it enables high throughput screening analysis by utilising nanolitre-sized drops as mobilised test tubes.

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Medical Diagnostic Tests: Are They Patentable? Don’t Count on it

Patents, long considered a staid area of law, have been undergoing tumultuous and far-reaching changes in recent years. A substantial reason for the turmoil has been a string of Supreme Court decisions affecting the threshold standard as to what subject matter is even eligible for a patent, i.e. whether an invention is something that the patent laws are designed to protect.

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A materials world

What happens between a surface and a fluid stream can lead to foul play. That’s why I’m a materials girl. The complex physics and chemistry of surfaces is an important consideration in any product development, and is particularly important for microfluidic systems where the high surface area to volume ‘concentrates’ the effect of the surface.

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