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Connecting Cancer Biology to Clinical Oncology: Still a World to Win

Our understanding of the aberrant biological pathways (oncogenic pathways) that are involved in the formation and progression of cancers has increased with huge leaps in the last decades of cancer research. The ever-increasing knowledge was and still is accompanied by the development of increasing numbers of precision drugs, tailored to neutralize these aberrations.

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Digital PCR: Possibilities & Opportunities

The Digital PCR track at the 4Bio Summit covered the benefits and future development of dPCR, comparisons between dPCR and qPCR and other technologies such as NGS, strategies to convert to a dPCR platform and applying the technology to precision medicine.

If you weren’t able to attend the 4Bio Summit, enjoy these free slides from Ward De Speigelaere, Anthony Magliocco and Nasrin Sarafan-Vasseur.

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The Development and Commercialisation of Robust Circulating DNA & RNA Tests

Precision medicine in oncology requires matching each patient with treatment personalised to their genes and often the proteomic profile of their cancer. Liquid biopsies continue to gain grounds as a tool for diagnostic testing in oncology.

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The Challenges Women Face in Pursuing a Career in STEM

Guro E. Lind is a group leader at the Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital and a professor at the University of Oslo. We caught up with her at the 4Bio Summit to find out what she thinks needs to be done to achieve gender equality for women in STEM. 

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Do Women in Science Need Mentors?

Dr. Catherine Kibirige currently works with the Human Immunology Laboratory of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative in London, developing new assays and methodologies for their research. 

Here, she takes us through her day, her research, and her advice for young women pursuing a career in science.

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The Future of Droplet Digital PCR and Blood-Based Assays: An Interview with Gary Pestano and Hestia Mellert

We caught up with Dr. Gary Pestano, VP, Development and Operations, Biodesix, and Dr. Hestia Mellert, Director, Development, Biodesix, at the 5th qPCR and Digital PCR Congress at 4Bio, where we discussed novel applications, single-cell technology, and the future of ddPCR and PCR.

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How To Avoid Unnecessary Data Loss In qPCR Reactions

Analysing qPCR data has always been based on setting a quantification threshold and determining the Cvalue which is the fractional number of cycles needed to reach the threshold.

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Molecular Beacons In Multiplex Digital PCR Assays

Every droplet of a digital PCR assay can contain as many as 35 different highly specific molecular beacon probes that are each tagged with a different combination of three out of seven available fluorescent colours.

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