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Working with PCR in agricultural research

Jean B. Ristaino has spent her career studying Phytophthora diseases of global importance, and has recently been awarded with the Excellence in International Service Award by the American Phytopathological Society for her achievements.

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Better quantitative PCR through Statistics

At the qPCR and Digital PCR Congress: USA in Philadelphia, I participated in a discussion of the role of droplet volume dispersion in dPCR methods.

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5 things to consider when studying water quality

When you think about water, what comes to your mind? Is it a glass of water from your kitchen sink, or the pool you swim in on holiday? Is it puddles from a rainy day, or the lake where you go swimming?

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Speaker profile: Nicolas Yeung

A scientist at DuPont Nutrition and Health, Nicolas Yeung’s research focus is on the effect of probiotics on human health. qPCR has enabled advances in his research, however it also comes with some potential sources of error. We had a chat with Nicolas ahead of the qPCR and Digital PCR Congress, where he will discuss the approaches to tackling these issues.

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Scientists Don’t Just Work in the Lab

September 2000 is the last time I worked at the bench as a laboratory scientist, but I still consider myself a scientist. I am sure that many people working as bench scientists or in research and development might consider their career paths limited to that sort of work. However, I can assure them that scientists can and do find themselves in a variety of non-science-based positions where their scientific backgrounds are vital.

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Using Digital PCR to improve our water

A career in water quality can be incredibly varied and diverse, spanning from work with drinking water, to oceans, rivers, estuaries, or even storm water and wastewater. Due to the incredibly varied and unpredictable nature of water, it can be a very difficult substance to work with.

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