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Synthetic Biology

Systems-Level Insights into the Synthetic Biology Congress

The Molecular Biology Summit hosted three meetings in parallel: the qPCR and Digital PCR Congress, the Microfluidics Congress, and the Synthetic Biology Congress. Each meeting had talks organised into tracks which took place side-by-side. I attended the Synthetic Biology Congress, which also gave me access to the other two meetings.

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Research and Advances in Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is one of the most promising areas of modern science. Predicted to be worth $37.21bn globally by 2022, there is a wealth of potential for developments in the healthcare and plant industries. Interviews with leading experts in the field reveal not only the scope of this exciting field of research, but what first drew them to synthetic biology.

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Synthetic Biology and Cancer Treatment: Bottlenecks to Translation

Karmella Haynes, at the Arizona State University, is one of the first synthetic biologists to engineer chromatin. It is a development that could ultimately treat diseases like cancer, through enabling large-scale changes in gene expression.

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TX-TL for Synthetic Biology Applications

From 1996 to 2000, Vincent Noireaux worked in the laboratory of Jacques Prost at the Curie Institute. He joined the laboratory of Albert Libchaber at the Rockefeller University following the completion of his PhD, and in 2005, moved to the University of Minnesota, where he currently works. We spoke with Vincent about his thoughts on the future of synthetic biology, existing bottlenecks and his own work adapting TX-TL for synthetic biology applications.

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Shaping the Future of Synthetic Biology

It can be difficult for researchers at the beginning of their scientific career to make their research known – funding is limited and the field is competitive. So we are pleased to provide six scientists at the start of their career the opportunity to present their work at the 3rd Synthetic Biology Congress.

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Understanding DNA Motif Distribution: A Learning-by-Building Approach

Torsten Waldminghaus spoke to us about his thoughts on the work of the Craig Venter Group and Jeff Boeke, the stigma attached to synthetic biology and his own work building synthetic secondary chromosomes.

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