Dandruff & Scalp Microbiome: Online


13th Oct 2020



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Dandruff & Scalp Microbiome: Online

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It is a well-known fact that our hair is considered to be our crowning glory. This generation of women and men take great interest in cutting, styling and maintaining their hair. When it comes to genuinely healthy hair the most important aspect is the maintenance of the scalp.

The scalp surface provides the distinct microenvironment to inhabitants of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and viruses which forms a complex community known as the scalp microbiome. The composition of this complex community varies distinctly across a different host of physiological conditions which include sebum content, moisture, pH, temperature and such.

Dandruff is a widespread scalp condition that affects approximately half the world’s population without taking gender or ethnicity into account. Several scalp microbiome studies from different populations have revealed the association of dandruff with bacterial and fungal dysbiosis. However, the functional role of scalp microbiota in scalp disorders and health remains scarcely explored. This complimentary online webinar will examine the bacterial and fungal diversity on the scalp, its influence on dandruff and current microbial manipulation treatment methods.

Note: This program is still in development. Should you like to speak or nominate, please contact the Event Producer, Khamini Chelveraj at [email protected]

Date: 13 October
Start Time: 08:00 New York | 13:00 London | 14:00 Paris | 20:00 Singapore | 21:00 Tokyo | 23:00 Sydney
Event structure: 2 presentations, 75 minute panel discussion & 15 minute Q&A
Duration: 120 minutes
Registration fee: Complimentary access
Webinar on-demand: Available to view after the event (registration is required)
Meeting moderator Thomas Dawson

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The meeting will cover
  • Causes for dandruff, Malassezia: specific species? “microbial dysbiosis”? “individual susceptibility”?
  • Treatments: the classic but now banned ZPT,  piroctone-olamine (Octopirox), climbazole (Crinipan AD), new research
  • Are there any effective naturals?
  • Current research foci, virulence
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