Gut Microbiota in Nutrition & Health: online


30th Sep 2020



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Gut Microbiota in Nutrition and Health: Online

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It is well understood that from the very beginning of life, when the initial microbiome is established and throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood, the gut microbiome plays a vital role in health. The intestinal microbiome influences many areas of human health from innate immunity to appetite and energy metabolism. However, the gut microbiome is not a fixed trait and is malleable according to diet and nutrition intake. Diet is known to be a critical influence in the relationship between human health and microbiome but the extent of its influence on microbiome-mediated health benefits still remains elusive. This complimentary online webinar will discuss the complex role of gastrointestinal microbiome in diet, nutrition and corresponding human health.

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Date: 30 September
Start Time: New York – 09:00 | London – 14:00 | Paris – 15:00 | Kuala Lumpur – 21:00 | Tokyo – 22:00 | Sydney – 23:00
Event structure: 75 minutes panel discussion & 15 minutes Q&A
Duration: 90 minutes
Registration fee: Complimentary access
Webinar on-demand: Available to view until October 16 (registration is required)


The meeting will cover
  • Modulating gut microbiota through diet
  • Malnutrition and over-nutrition and its effect on gut microbiome
  • Influence of gut microbiota on immunity
  • Microbiome diversity and health
  • Personalised nutrition/diet and future direction
  • Microbiome and its impact on gut barrier integrity
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