Innovations in High-throughput Genotyping & Seed Health


24th Jun 2021



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Innovations in high-throughput genotyping and seed health:

trends in hardware, software and automation


Date: 24 June 2021 (Thursday)
Time: New York – 09:00 | London – 14:00 | Paris – 15:00 | Singapore – 21:00 | Tokyo – 22:00 | Sydney – 23:00 
Duration: 60 minutes
Event structure: 50-minute presentation + 10-minute Q&A
Registration fee: Complimentary access
Webinar on-demand: Available to view until midnight 10 July 2021 (registration is required)


In this webinar on trends in high-throughput genotyping in plant breeding and innovations in seed health, 3 speakers will discuss trends and innovations in genotyping hardware, software and processes for applications in rapid breeding programs, and seed QC.

In a first talk on current trends in high-throughput genotyping, Ralf Hooiveld will focus on how to address bottlenecks with increasing plant breeding and genotyping demand.

The second talk will focus on seed health and how qPCR is adopted to ensure QC in seed screening. Dr Wilfried Jonkers will introduce a case study for rapid testing for Xanthomonas campestris pathogens.

The third talk will briefly introduce UgenTec’s Genotyper software, an AI-based platform to accelerate high-throughput genotyping.

  • Topic 1 – Ralf Hooiveld – Current Trends in high-throughput genotyping: how do we deal with increasing genotyping demand?
  • Topic 2 – Wilfried Jonkers – qPCR in seed health: a QC-driven approach
  • Topic 3 – Herlien Declerck – Accelerating high-throughput genotyping with AI



James Grayson
Field Application Scientist, UgenTec, Inc

James Grayson is Senior Field Application Scientist with UgenTec and has broad experience as a scientist and automation engineer in molecular testing with over 10 years’ experience in the automation of laboratory workflows. James joined UgenTec in August 2019 as the Technical and Applications lead for the Americas, helping to support customers and grow the UgenTec team and business in new markets. Prior to joining UgenTec, James was the Head of Molecular Workflow Automation at Siemens Healthineers, working to capture voice-of-customer workflow needs and develop customized solutions, and built broad systems integration experience on DNA sequencing hardware and reagents projects at GE Healthcare.



Ralf Hooiveld
Implementation Team Lead, Marker Technology & Genomics, Bejo Seeds

Ralf Hooiveld obtained his master’s degree in molecular biology and phytopathology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Ralf has 15 years of experience with BEJO Seeds as a researcher at the group Marker Technology and Genomics and is implementation team leader responsible for the High-Throughput Genotyping programs and projects.

Presentation Topic: Current Trends in high-throughput genotyping: how do we deal with increasing genotyping demand?
Over the past few years, the demand for genotyping in plant breeding has rapidly increased. Automation in both genotyping hardware as well as software has become essential to deal with demand increase and process at high-throughput while ensuring quality, project turnaround times and resource efficiency. This talk gives a view on the hurdles and challenges and how the Marker Technology and Genomics group addresses them.


Dr. Wilfried Jonkers
Seed Technology and Phytopathology Researcher, Bejo Seeds

Dr. Jonkers obtained his PhD in phytopathology at the University of Amsterdam Universiteit van Amsterdam, where he specialized in molecular biology and fungal genetics. He continued his career in fundamental research in the US and the UK on fungal growth and on the mechanisms of infection. In 2016 Dr. Jonkers joined Bejo Seeds as a researcher in seed pathology, where he investigates and develops molecular detection methods for pathogens that affect seed health.

Presentation Topic: qPCR in seed health: a QC-driven approach
Xanthomonas campestris is a bacterial species that causes a variety of plant diseases of cruciferous crops and can result in devastating losses of yield and quality.
In order to rapidly determine if a Brassica seed lot is infected with the seed pathogens Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris or Xanthomonas campestris pv. raphani rapid automated screening needs to be put in place. With a qPCR based workflow, automation is required to allow for rapid throughput. AI-based software can automatically call the curves, calculate the Cq-values and determine the seed lot quality – combined with quality control registration of the multiplex PCR.


Herlien Declerck
Product Owner Genotyping and AgBio, UgenTec, Inc.

Herlien holds a master’s degree in Biomechanics Engineering and builds on medical device product management experience at Materialise and later IMEC (research in nanoelectronics and digital technologies), where she was Business Development Manager Life Sciences. At UgenTec, she’s responsible for requirements, design, roadmap and projects for AgBio genotyping applications.

Presentation Topic: Accelerating high-throughput genotyping with AI
In this brief overview, UgenTec will introduce their FastFinder Genotyper software. Genotyper allows plant and animal breeding studies to automate their qPCR and end-point PCR programs, standardizing calling and interpretation, ensuring traceability, and optimizing accuracy of genotype calls while minimizing manual intervention and data review.


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