Microbiome Futures Online: Gut-Brain Axis in Health & Diseases


22nd Sep 2020



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Microbiome Futures Online

An interactive digital session where a group of microbiome experts discuss the potential of developing a new generation of microbiome therapies

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Interest in the human microbiome, particularly the gut microbiome, has thrived over the last decade. The advancements in DNA sequencing technologies enabled the identification of these bacteria and increased our understanding of the significant impact of the human microbiome on its host’s health. More importantly, this insight is driving new research that could be the key to treating all sorts of diseases.

In particular, the discovery of bidirectional communication between the brain and the gut has opened new avenues of research that explore how alterations in the gut microbiome are associated with particular health conditions such as neurological & degenerative conditions and autoimmune diseases.

There are many studies indicating a strong link between the gut-brain-microbiome and its potential for disease treatment. However, the biggest challenges still lie in the transition of this research into therapeutic treatments.

Join us at this complimentary webinar to discuss the communication between the gut, brain, microbiome, its potential in disease treatment and overall improvement of health.

Time: 12:00 (New York 22 September 2020); 17:00 (London 22 September 2020); 1800 (Paris 22 September 2020); 00:00 (Singapore 23 September 2020); 01:00 (Tokyo 23 September 2020 ); 02:00 (Sydney 23 September)
Duration: 90 minutes
Event structure: 75-minute panel discussion + 15-minute Q&A
Registration fee: Complimentary access
Webinar on-demand: Available to view until midnight 9 October 2020 (registration is required)
Moderator: Jane Foster, Professor, Foster Lab, McMaster University


The meeting will cover:

  • Influence of the brain-gut axis on disease
  • Gut microbiome – how does it influence disease treatments
  • Current research and future progress
  • Development on disease therapeutics – from lab to countertop
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics for disease treatment
  • Psychobiotics and their influence on your feelings and mood
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