Microbiome Futures Online: Gut-Brain Axis


6th Aug 2020



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Microbiome Futures Online

An interactive digital session where a group of microbiome experts discuss the potential of developing a new generation of microbiome therapies

The approach of Hurricane Isaias on the Eastern American Seaboard has the potential to severely disrupt power supply and internet connections. As a result, we have postponed the meeting from August 4 to August 6.


Studies have shown that our gut is directly connected to our brain and plays a vital role in decision making. Known as the Gut-Brain Axis, this bidirectional communication is vital in the maintenance of the physiological balance of our body. Intestinal microbiota have a dominant role in this as they keep pathogenic bacteria at bay. More recently, we have discovered that the gut-brain axis not only maintains homeostasis but is also directly linked to our mental health whereby it affects our mood, thoughts and behaviour in various ways.

In the face of the current global Covid-19 pandemic, the economic fallout that may continue for years is resulting in an increased percentage of the world population with untreated mental health problems. Meanwhile, lifestyles factors such as diet, stress and exercise are only a handful of contributing factors to affect our mental health. Taking this into consideration, scientists are now looking at the gut-brain axis for untapped therapeutic opportunities to treat neurological and mental disorders.

Join us at this thought-provoking webinar where we explore the gut-brain connection, its influence on each other, the role of microbiota in this and just exactly what is meant by ‘gut feeling’.

Time: 17:00 – 18:30 (Tokyo 6 August 2020); 04:00-05:30 (New York 6 August 2020); 1800 – 1930 (Sydney 6 August2020); 09:00-10:30 (London 6 August 2020); 16:00 – 17:30 (Singapore 6 August 2020); 10:00 – 11:30 (Paris 6 August 2020)
Duration: 90 minutes
Event structure: 75-minute panel discussion + 15-minute Q&A
Registration fee: Complimentary access
Webinar on-demand: Available to view until midnight (Kuala Lumpur) 21 August 2020 (registration is required)


The meeting will cover:

  • Manipulation of gut-brain axis through diet
  • Influence of the gut-brain axis on neurological diseases and mental disorders
  • Gut microbiome – how big of an influencer is it?
  • Latest clinical trials investigating gut-modulating therapy
  • The gap that currently exists and the future of this field
  • Psychobiotics and its influence on your feelings
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