Global NASH Congress – Digital Day


15th Mar -30th Jun 2023


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NASH continues to be a huge unmet clinical need globally, and although no therapy has received regulatory approval, there continues to be research advancing our understanding of the disease’s mechanisms. Developments in non-invasive diagnostic biomarkers continue to offer the hope that they will replace liver biopsies and there have been improvements to in vivo liver models. All these are the focus of this year’s congress as well as new preclinical and clinical research. The most promising therapeutics in development and business case studies will also be featured at this meeting.

These presentations discuss the novel research undertaken by leading researchers and reveal the latest from several companies with ongoing clinical trials. There is no charge to be a digital attendee

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Presentations will be given by:

10 am KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Advancement in Therapeutics: Anti-Obesity Medications SCOTT HARRIS Chief Medical Officer, Altimmune
10:30 am Promiscuous drug mechanisms in obesity, diabetes, and NASH; using proteomics to compare benefits across multiple organ systems STEVE WILLIAMS, Chief Medical Officer, Somalogic
11:00 Non-invasive diagnosis and assessment of NASH in real world clinical practice SID BARRITT Director, UNC Liver Center, University of North Carolina
11:30 What factors contribute to successful weight loss? DIMITRIOS KOUTOUKIDIS Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford
12:00 Plasma TREM2 as a potential novel non-invasive NASH biomarkerJONAS HEILSKOV GRAVERSEN Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark
12:30 Human 3D spheroids preclinical models for an improved prediction of drug candidates in NASHFrancisco Verdeguer, VP, Liver Discovery, Insphero
13:00 Trial in Progress: The First 12-Week, Randomized, Controlled Phase 2a Study of a Thyroid Hormone Receptor-β agonist (TERN-501) Administered as Monotherapy or in Combination With a Farnesoid X Receptor Agonist (TERN-101) in Patients With NASH DIANA CHUNG, Chief Development Officer, Terns Pharmaceuticals
13:30 Fully automated NASH quantification using Deep Learning Applications RUTGER FICK, Senior AI Lead, Tribun Health
14:00 Recent insights in the pathophysiology and treatment of pediatric NAFLD SANDER LEFERE Postdoctoral Researcher, Ghent University
14:30 Machine Learning in NAFLD HAMISH MILLER Clinical Research Fellow and PhD Student, Oxford University & Queen Mary University of London
15:00 Exercise as medicine for patients with NAFLD JONATHAN STINE Fatty Liver Program Director, Liver Center Research Director, Penn State Health – Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
15:30 Lamifiban, a balanced pan-PPAR agonist, improves markers of cardiometabolic health in patients with NASHMICHAEL P COOREMAN Chief Medical Officer, Inventiva
16:00 The relationship between type 2 diabetes and NAFLD and relevant treatments for NAFLD CHRIS BYRNE Professor of Endocrinology & Metabolism, University of Southampton
16:30 Advancement of rencofilstat in NASH phase 2 – evaluating both structural and functional data TODD HOBBS Chief Medical Officer, Hepion Pharmaceuticals
17:00 Administration of glutaredoxin in hepatocytes is a potential therapeutic against NASH progressionREIKO MATSUI Assistant Professor, Boston University
17:30 Humans as the model: human fatty liver perfusion to bypass poorly predictive animal models
18:00 CLOSING KEYNOTE:A Solution for Every Stage: The NAFLD/NASH Patient JEFF MCINTYRE Vice-President, Liver Health Programs, Global Liver Institute


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