Driving New Discovery with Precision Microbiome Analysis & Advanced AI


15th Sep 2021



Time: San Francisco 10am | New York 1pm | London 6pm | Paris 7pm
Duration: 2 hours
Event structure: introduction | 3 presentations with Q&A | 30 min round-table discussion | Networking lounge
Registration: Free
Virtual Event on-demand: Available to view after the event (registration is required)

With unequivocal evidence demonstrating the critical role the gut microbiome has in human health, microbiome research is at a new frontier. This new phase of discovery is harnessing the microbiome for innovative products, therapies and diagnostics. Precise and comprehensive measurement of the microbiome is required to realise these opportunities.

In this virtual event, experts from Microba Life Sciences will discuss how advancements in metagenomic analysis techniques are revealing novel biomarkers and relationships from the microbiome. Using its optimised platform for collecting samples, generating and interpreting metagenomic data, Microba identifies accurate signals and strong leads that are missed with other sequencing and bioinformatics methods to measure the microbiome.

By capturing the broader complexity of the microbiome, including previously uncharacterised species, and applying advanced data science and AI techniques to the data, researchers can identify species, genes and pathways that are critical to their research questions. This level of resolution is essential for the development of accurate biomarkers or effective strategies to restore healthy microbiome function.

Combining this high-resolution analysis with extensive knowledge of microbiome biology is uncovering the mechanisms of action in which the microbiome is driving human health, opening the opportunity to make new discoveries across a range of research and development projects.

As part of the event, key members from Microba’s research team will be available after the presentations for further discussion on the applications of Microba’s platform. Join the breakout sessions to discuss your research interests with the team and ask any additional questions that may arise.  You can also forward questions to Microba’s US Director of Business Development prior to the meeting: [email protected].

These sessions will cover:

  • Discovering novel biomarkers and therapeutic lead opportunities from precision microbiome analysis
  • Identifying innovative nutritional product opportunities from rich metagenomic datasets with comprehensive metadata
  • The importance of accurately preserving and profiling microbial communities to find novel signals
  • Developing optimized workflows to ensure reliable and reproducible results across research studies
  • Overcoming challenges in processing and interpreting metagenomic data from the microbiome
  • Using advanced data science and AI to identify species and functional features associated with health or disease



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Professor Gene Tyson
Co-founder, Microba Life Sciences

Having published the first paper to use metagenomics for profiling microbial communities, Professor Gene Tyson is an expert in the development and application of culture-independent molecular approaches for studying microbial communities. Recognising the potential of metagenomics to uncover the role of the microbiome in human health and disease, Professor Tyson co-founded Microba with Professor Philip Hugenholtz in 2017. Professor Tyson is a well-respected microbial ecologist and a key advisor and advocate for Microba’s research and development programs. He has published extensively in the field of microbiology, has an international education and work history and is currently the Director of the Centre for Microbiome Research at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Professor Tyson received his PhD in community genomics from the University of California at Berkeley in 2006 and went on to complete postdoctoral studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

  • Presentation & Discussion Title: Discovering novel biomarkers and treatment opportunities from precision microbiome analysis
  • Breakout Room Host: Dr Jean-Phillip Laine


Associate Professor Lutz Krause
Chief Scientific Officer, Microba Life Sciences

Associate Professor Lutz Krause is an internationally recognised expert in the application of big data methods to understand molecular biology. As Chief Scientific Officer, Associate Professor Krause oversees the application of advanced biostatistics, including machine learning and other artificial intelligence approaches, to discover new insights from the microbiome. Associate Professor Krause has worked with numerous high impact research teams, including the Nestlé Research Institute where he studied the role of the gut microbiome in health and disease. Following his research at Nestlé he was recruited to QIMR Berghofer to head the Bioinformatics team and in 2014 he joined The University of Queensland as Principal Research Fellow. Associate Professor Krause received his PhD in Bioinformatics and Genome Research from Bielefeld University, Germany.

  • Presentation & Discussion Title: Data driven identification of product opportunities from the microbiome with advanced AI
  • Breakout Room Host: Mark Parker


Dr Alena Pribyl
Senior Scientist and Research Officer, Microba Life Sciences

Dr Alena Pribyl is an internationally educated scientist with expertise in human microbiome research, microbiology and molecular biology. As Senior Scientist and Research Officer, Dr Pribyl provides scientific support across Microba’s research and development projects, as well as leading the science content development to increase the accessibility of gut microbiome research. Her extensive knowledge of the microbiome is combined with her passion for science translation, through the research and presentation of educational courses, presentations and publications.

  • Presentation & Discussion Title: Uncovering treatment impacts on the microbiome with precision metagenomic analysis & interpretation
  • Breakout Room Host: Dr Kylie Ellis



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