Novosanis: Urine, a “golden sample” for cancer biomarker testing


6th Dec 2021
Start @ 15:30 London


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Date: 6 December 2021
Duration: 15 minute presentation + Q&A
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Time: New York 10:30| London 15.30 | Paris 16:30

Urine as a non-invasive liquid biopsy offers huge potential for cancer biomarkers testing. Several diagnostic assays using urine are commercially available or on the verge of launch in clinical practice. We believe urine has the potential to become the “golden sample” for cancer biomarker testing, enabling cancer detection and monitoring in a non-invasive and easy way.

Several studies have shown the potential of urine as a non-invasive liquid biopsy due to the ease of sampling and high acceptability compared to blood and tissue. Indeed, a standard urine cup has limitations and can be awkward, messy, and inconvenient for the user.

First-void urine, the first 20 – 30 mL of urine flow, has shown to contain valuable biomarkers for several cancer types. Colli-Pee® by Novosanis allows for standardized and volumetric first-void urine collection and stabilization. The device is available in different volumes depending on the application. In addition, the device architecture enables immediate mixing with a stabilization chemistry. This can improve sample collection for downstream analysis by ensuring analytes of interest are preserved for laboratory assay. Colli-Pee® is available neat and prefilled with the stabilizer UCM, allowing the preservation of DNA in urine. Some variants are CE-IVD marked, and registered in several countries outside of Europe.


Stephanie Jordaens
Biomedical Scientist


Speaker profile:
Stephanie Jordaens has a master degree in biochemistry and biotechnology with the major cell biology and physiology from the University of Antwerp in Belgium. Stephanie joined Novosanis R&D team in August 2019 as PhD student. The topic of her PhD is “Urine as liquid biopsy for cancer detection”.

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