Probiotics for Immunity: Online Panel Discussion


6th Jul 2020



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Probiotics for Immunity Online

An interactive digital session discussing the development of probiotics for Immunity

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Human health is primarily regulated by the immune system which maintains homeostasis and initiates response following exposure to foreign substance or tissue injury. It is well known that the human body is the host of a robust population of beneficial microbiome that play a major role in maintaining intestinal homeostasis which in return sustains the body’s health. The manipulation of the intestinal microbiota via the consumption of probiotics is a potential alternative approach for preserving health and preventing disease.

As probiotics are gaining popularity across the globe, there are many misconceptions about their role in immunity. This session will bring together a panel of probiotics researchers and industry leaders to share scientific research developments of the host immune response with potential application for disease prevention and treatments such as allergy, eczema or Covid-19.

Do join this thought-provoking digital session with renowned probiotic researchers and company leaders!

Time: 16.00-17:30 (Kuala Lumpur 6 July 2020); 04:00-05:30 (New York 6 July 2020); 01:00-02:30 (San Francisco 6 July 2020); 09:00-10:30 (London 6 July 2020)
Duration: 90 minutes
Event structure: 75-minute panel discussion + 15-minute Q&A
Registration fee: Complimentary access
Webinar on-demand: Available to view until midnight (Kuala Lumpur) 20 July 2020 (registration is required)
Moderator: Patricia Conway


The meeting will cover:

  • Updates on probiotics regulation on immune health
  • How do probiotics and prebiotics support immune function?
  • Immunity against Covid-19
  • Roles and mechanism on disease prevention
  • Probiotics interaction
  • Probiotics for all – is age an issue?
  • Supporting immunity for infant health
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