The future of PCR is digital: An interactive online session


15th Sep 2021






Date:  15 September 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: New York – 04:00 | London – 09:00 | Paris – 10:00 | Singapore – 16:00 | Tokyo – 17: 00 | Sydney – 18:00 
Duration: 90 minutes
Event structure: Presentation + Panel Discussion
Registration fee: Complimentary access
Webinar on-demand: Available to view until midnight 1st October 2021 (registration is required)

As the digital PCR (dPCR) technology evolves and becomes more accessible and affordable, researchers explore new frontiers, including its applications in environmental monitoring, agriculture and agronomy. This technique provides absolute quantification of nucleic acid samples without the need for calibration. Notably, the power of partitioning in a new rapid and fully integrated nanoplate-based system holds the promise of a digital future in PCR: the more the partitions, the higher the resolution, accuracy and sensitivity. Besides, with more partitions, one can still analyze a higher volume of diluted samples. Our experts will discuss how you can achieve all this with dPCR and still keep the familiarity of qPCR plate handling and workflow.

Laboratories see dPCR as a primary reference measurement tool to quantify reference standards. These standards could, in turn, be used to develop diagnostics and other tests with results that are comparable and reproducible across laboratories worldwide. This session will also highlight one such step toward creating a traceable and smart diagnostic.

The session will cover:
• Introduction to dPCR technology
• What’s unique about QIAGEN’s dPCR portfolio
• How can dPCR impact diagnostics
• Emerging applications of dPCR
• dPCR services with global partners



Elizabeth Homer
Associate Director, Marketing EU PCR – QIAGEN



Michael Bussmann
Associate Director Global Product Management, dPCR – QIAGEN
Michael Bussman received his Ph.D. degree in 2009 from the Forschungszentrum Jülich. Before joining QIAGEN in 2015, he held the product management position in MACHEREY-NAGEL, an innovator in chemical and biomolecular analysis products. At QIAGEN, he has held the position in Global Product Management in the assay technologies portfolio, including applied testing before assuming responsibility for the PCR Systems & Assays, and, most recently, digital PCR.


Daniel Lofgren
Market Development Manager, dPCR – QIAGEN

Daniel Heinz Löfgren is the Market Development Manager for digital PCR (dPCR) and PCR at QIAGEN for EU. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of PCR, qPCR and dPCR, with assay design, different workflows and applications. In addition, he has worked for 5 years as a Field Applications Specialist for droplet digital PCR and qPCR. Furthermore, he has experience working as a Genomics Applications Specialist supporting QIAGEN’s NGS workflows.

Presentation Title: dPCR technology & QIAGEN’s new dPCR portfolio.


Olivier Couillerot
Business Developer – I.A.G.E.
Dr. Olivier Couillerot has a Ph.D. in microbial ecology and ten years of experience in research and development, with five years in academic research and five years in R&D in the private sector. He has since progressively specialized in the setting up of R&D projects and public-private partnerships. As the founding partner of I.A.G.E since early 2021, Dr. Couillerot works on the transfer and valorization of academic research results to society in the form of innovative diagnostic methods, with a particular interest in agronomy.

Presentation Title: From dPCR to smart diagnostics


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