From Bench to the Clinic: Leica Biosystems is With You at Every Step


8th May 2018
12.30 – 4.30 pm


Tokyo, Japan
Keio Plaza Hotel

From Bench to the Clinic: Leica Biosystems is With You at Every Step


James Anderson, Global Marketing Manager

Topic: Paving the Road from Research to the Clinic

How to quickly move from an idea to a clinical application? Researchers need freedom to pursue an idea, efficient automation to speed up their test program, and a clear path into the clinical environment so patients can benefit from new discoveries sooner. This presentation shows how Leica Biosystems Advanced Staining Research Platforms are paving the way to successful clinical applications

Marie-Louise Loupart, Image Analyst Specialist

Topic: Software Tools for Finding Tumour in Brightfield and Fluorescent Slides

One of the main questions asked about a tissue section – is it normal?  Identification of morphological changes relies on Pathologists’ expertise.  Not all researchers have regular access to a Pathologist to ensure they are studying the regions of interest in tissue.  The Aperio GENIE pattern recognition software is a Machine Learning tool that has proven useful when researchers don’t have regular access to a Pathologist.  However, Aperio GENIE doesn’t have the accuracy to work in a clinical setting to assist Pathologist’s in their day job; instead Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are demonstrating some promising results which in future may be of use in a clinical setting.  This presentation will take us along the path from research tools to clinical tools.

Rob Skyes, Market Manager

Topic: Digital Pathology – How can Leica Biosystems Digitize my Assay?

Translational research requires a diverse and open approach to discovery on Pathology tissue slides. A key requirement being not to limit the range of approaches open to today’s scientists. In this talk we will explain how Leica Biosystems and their evolving digital pathology platforms, are designed to grow with the research, from scanning, managing and finally extracting data from experimental slides (analysis will be explored more fully in the accompanying talk). As research transitions to the clinical laboratory, the requirements change as do the demands on the solutions and a different approach is required. Here we explain how Leica Biosystems portfolio is being developed to align with this chain of discovery, from bench to Clinic.



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Join us at the Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, Japan


The Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo is the ideal location to explore the delights of the city of Tokyo. Only minutes away from the most popular shopping and entertainment spots, our luxury hotel provides stunning views over central Tokyo. A cozy bed, a good meal, friendly faces… these are just some of the comforts that you seek after stepping inside the hotel door. The Keio Plaza Hotel offers a wide variety of home-from-home hospitality, with 1,437 guest rooms to choose from to accommodate your every need. After hours, you can continue to work at a fully equipped business center or from the warmth of your room, which conveniently offers 24-hour complimentary high-speed Internet access. Located in Shinjuku, in the very heart of the Tokyo metropolis, the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo extends top rated services and facilities, features that guests come to expect from a world-class hotel.

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