Workshop: Innovations in digital nucleic acid amplification


3rd Dec 2017
5.30pm - 7.30pm


London, United Kingdom
Novotel Hotel

Innovations in digital nucleic acid amplification

In its first part, this workshop will provide an introduction to digital PCR including its principle, related statistics, methods for sample partitioning and commercially available digital PCR systems.

The second part of the workshop will treat technological innovations comprising the microfluidic integration of droplet generation as well as amplification and detection within one single cavity. Furthermore, strategies for the integration of digital sample to answer nucleic acid analysis will be discussed.

Thirdly, in a live lab we will demonstrate how digital nucleic acid amplification can be performed using standard laboratory devices only (i.e. mini-centrifuge, incubator, fluorescence reader), enabled by a novel microfluidic chip.


  • Introduction
    • Digital PCR and related statistics
    • Overview on commercial systems for digital nucleic acid amplification
  • Innovations
    • Digital nucleic amplifications using standard laboratory devices
    • Microfludic integration of droplet generation, amplification and detection into one single device
    • Mediator Probe PCR for improved signal to-noise-ratio, multiplexing and SNP detection
    • Protocols for amplification-compatible lysis of single cells and bacteria in droplets
  • Life lab / Demonstrators
    • Microfluidic chip for droplet generation, digital amplification and detection based on standard laboratory devices
    • Microfluidic integration of a complete workflow into one single cartridge: From nasal swab sample to digital amplification

Workshop Leaders 

Nils Paust 
Head of Division of Microfluidic Platforms,

Felix Von Stetten75    



Nadine Borst
Head of the Nucleic Acid Analysis group,

Nadine Borst260




Join us at the Novotel Hotel


Novotel London West
1 Shortlands, Hammersmith International Centre, LONDON, W6 8DR, UNITED KINGDOM

Tel +44 (0) 208 741 1555    |    Email [email protected]


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