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8 Free Tools for Genetic Engineers, Molecular and Synthetic Biologists

Having a powerful set of tools is essential in life science research so we’ve compiled the best free platforms for genetic engineers, molecular and synthetic biologists.

1. A Plasmid Editor

A Plasmid EditorApE is an easy to use, cross-platform program. Made by a researcher for researchers, users can view circular or linear maps of DNA sequences.

2. Benchling

BenchlingBenchling is an all-in-one solution for experiment design, note-taking and molecular biology. It’s free for academic researchers but there is a fee for industry users.

3. everyVECTOR

everyVECTOReveryVECTOR allows biologists to share annotated vector information, organise information, search for and analyse vectors.

4. Genome Compiler

Genome CompilerGenome Compiler has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface allowing researchers to optimise their design process.

5. Molecular Cloning Designer Simulator

Molecular Cloning Designer SimulatorThe Molecular Cloning Designer Simulator is a platform for molecular cloning design, simulation and management with a unique flowchart design.

6. NIH BLAST Tools

NIH BLAST ToolsThe NIH provides a range of Basic Local Alignment Search tools, databases and executables.

7. PlasMapper

PlasMapperPlasMapper automatically generates and annotates plasmid maps from an inputted plasmid DNA sequence.

8. Serial Cloner

Serial ClonerSerial Cloner can import files saved in the Vector NTI, MacVector, ApE, DNAstar, pDRAW32 and GenBank formats and exports them in the universal FASTA format.

The Research & Technology Series explores technologies, methods, strategies and case studies using gene editing, staining and fluorescence techniques, liquid biopsy technology for CTC detection, plasma analysis techniques, novel cancer biomarkers and companion diagnostics, developing optimal workflow, and the continued evolution of PCR.

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