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Big Data, Informatics and Pharma: An Open Letter From Vaibhav Narayan

Dear colleagues,

Therapeutic interventions have traditionally been developed for patients with established pathologies and overt clinical symptoms. Many diseases however, are not tractable in later stages and therefore therapies are needed that intervene earlier in the disease continuum.

While earlier disease interception can be of considerable value to patients and the health care system, many barriers exist in the successful discovery and development of early stage therapeutics. These range from early science challenges around understanding of causative biological processes that lead to full blown pathology, to more downstream challenges such as demonstrating therapeutic benefit in patients with minimal symptoms or clinical deficits.

At the Global Pharma R&D Informatics Congress I will explore how we are using informatics and ‘big data’ to address these challenges and enable discovery and development of ‘disease intercepting’ therapeutics.

I am happy to be one of 40 excellent speakers presenting on topics ranging from complex data analytics, system integration, data storage and management, AI and machine learning.

I hope you can join me in Portugal to see what the top pharma, biotech and technology developing companies are currently doing in this field.

Best wishes,

Vaibhav Narayan
Vice President, Research and Therapeutic Area IT, Janssen Pharmaceuticals LLC

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