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Biobanking, Therapeutics & Probiotics in Microbiome Research


As the world becomes increasingly aware of the important role that different bacterial ecosystems play with regards to human and animal health, there is a growing wealth of research coming out of the microbiome industry. Kristina Campbell & Marilyn White, of KC Microbiome, conducted these interviews at the Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA.

Martha Carlin, CEO of The Biocollective, on using a stool biobank to find new therapeutics for chronic diseases
In this video, Martha Carlin, CEO of The Biocollective, about the value of the company’s continually-expanding stool biobank. Carlin outlines how the company makes the connection between stool samples and new products that help microbiome-linked chronic diseases — summing up the overall strategy as: collect, connect, and correct.

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Joseph Simmons of PRI, on the regulatory path for microbiome-based therapeutics

Those in the microbiome biotechnology industry know the regulatory path for novel products and therapeutics is far from clear in many parts of the world. In this video, Pharmabiotic Research Institute (PRI) Business Development Manager Joseph Simmons talks about how the organisation supports companies with current and future regulatory challenges.

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GoodBelly CEO Alan Murray, on communicating probiotic science to consumers
  In this video, Alan Murray speaks about the details in communicating about probiotic science. Murray says accurate messaging around probiotics has become easier over time, thanks to the popular press and public relations efforts.

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With dedicated sessions covering the gut-brain axis, metagenomic data analysis and identifying microbes associated with cancer, the agenda for the 6th Microbiome R&D & Business Collaboration Forum: Europe is not one to be missed. Take a look now to see what else will be discussed.

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