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Global Bioprocessing, Bioanalytics and ATMP Manufacturing Congress Slides

Following the Global Bioprocessing, Bioanalytics and ATMP Manufacturing Congress, we have made the following presentation slides from Jonathan Cartoux, Denis Decubber, Hani El-Sabbahy, Julia LeachCorne Stroop.

Preventing Single-Use Bag Failures in Frozen Applications Through Polymer Science
Jonathan Cartoux discusses the unique characteristics that polymers bring to single-use bioprocessing applications, including polymeric material performance data demonstrating toughness, purity, chemical resistance, gamma stability and cold temperature capabilities.

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ATMP manufacturing has entered industry 4.0
Denis Decubber outlines what “Industry 4.0” means for ATMP manufacturing facilities, and what comes next in terms of optimised process control and artificial intelligence.

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Chromatographic Clarification Enables Removal of Problematic Host Cell Protein Contaminants Early in Downstream Processing
Hani El-Sabbahy explores the impact of Chromatographic Clarification compared to a conventional depth filtration on the removal of problematic HCPs during downstream processing.

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Supporting the Biopharmaceutical Industry through Innovations in Process technologies
Julia Leach presents case studies from a number of collaborative projects, including the development of a rapid and high-throughput method of glycoanalytics.

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MS is ready for QC. Are you? Role and possibilities of Mass Spectrometry in QC labs
Corné Stroop Mass spectrometry (MS) in quality control (QC) labs is a much-debated subject at this time. In Corné Stroop‘s presentation, he shows that there is no reason for unease, as long as we consider important questions and requirements.

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The next event in the series is taking place on the 18th – 19th May 2020. Download the agenda today.

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