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Increasing plant protein digestion in an in vitro model


Population increases and patterns of consumption will put pressure on animal protein supply and price over the coming decades. Plant proteins are a viable alternative, but have a lower digestibility then animal proteins.

Koen Venema, Professor of Gut Microbiology at the Centre for Healthy Eating & Food Innovation, Maastricht University recently gave a presentation on a validated, dynamic in vitro model of the upper GI tract. The aim was to evaluate the effect of simultaneous addition of BC30 on plant protein digestion.

BC30 was found to lead to increased protein digestion of pea protein, rice protein and soy protein when evaluated by alpha-amino nitrogen analyses. Subsequent metabolomics analyses showed increased free amino acids and dipeptides in the fraction of the in vitro model that mimicked absorption by the body.

This data is promising in increasing protein digestion of plant protein, and can be applied to several groups of the world’s population, such as vegetarians and athletes on high-protein diets.


View the full presentation here


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