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The Big List of Prebiotics/Probiotics Companies and Investors

List of probiotics/prebiotics companies and investors

Interest in microbiota has reached all areas of human health and disease. As a result, the therapeutic potential of probiotics has expanded. 2013 saw a surge of investment into prebiotics and probiotics, coinciding with an increase in microbiome funding. In the last decade, investment has quadrupled. 

Attune Foods, KeVita and Evolve Biosystems are prominent companies exploring functional foods, drinks and therapeutics. Of the 70+ investors exploring prebiotics and probiotics, the most active are IndiebioMaveron and BioGaia.

We’ve compiled a list of 73 prebiotics and probiotics companies, investors and dates active. Whether you’re just curious or are looking for an investor from seed to series, you’re sure to find something useful.

Download the Excel spreadsheet.

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