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Developing Microbiome-Based Therapeutics & Novel Approaches to Metagenomic Research


As the understanding of the role that bacterial ecosystems play within human and animal health deepens, so has the increase in the amount of research and companies focusing on the Microbiome. If you were unable to attend the 6th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA, we have made these slides from Edward Burd, Kathy McCoy & Jan Majta available.

Microbiome Restoration Therapeutics
Edward Burd discusses the challenges that faced Rebiotix in incorporating critical attributes, such as patient safety and strong clinical design, into their microbiota restoration therapy platforms RBX2660 & RBX7455, from their inception, along with learnings from being the first to pursue a regulatory path for this type of drug.

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Impact of the Gut Microbiome in Shaping Innate Immunity: Defining Mechanisms
  The intestinal microbiome plays a critical role in shaping the development and function of innate immune cells at both mucosal and systemic sites. Kathy McCoy discusses the window of opportunity early in life where microbiota-mediated effects on the immune system are particularly important.

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Gut Feeling: Function Based Microbiome Research
Jan Majta presents the BiomeScout algorithm: a novel approach to metagenomic research that, combined with BiomeSeer and BiomeBrewer, will provide users with an end-to-end design of beneficial bacterial composition, defined by its functional importance.

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