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Neurobehavioural Screening, Microfabricated Platforms and Medical Device Innovation with Microfluidics


Microfluidics is revolutionising the way patients are diagnosed, monitored and treated. If you weren’t able to attend the 4BIO Summit in San Francisco, we have made these presentation slides from Suvajyoti Guha, Dr Todd Thorsen & Pouya Rezai available here.

Advancing Medical Device Innovation with Microfluidics
Facilitating innovation, developing standardised test methodologies and using microfluidics in new ways are just a few of the things discussed in this presentation from Suvajyoti Guha.

Microfabricated Platforms for Microbiome Culture: From Artificial Mouths to Guts

In this slide deck, Todd Thorsen discusses recent work in the development of microfabricated platforms to support the growth and characterisation of complex microbiome populations.

Organism-on-a-Chip Models for Neurobehavioral Screening of Disease

This presentation introduces novel and low-cost engineered solutions for pre-clinical Parkinson’s disease investigations via integration of microfluidics with simple small-scale model organisms of PD.

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