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New Tools, New Possibilities – 3D Printing for Lab-on-a-Chip

Diagnostic technologies rely heavily on our tools. If we want new possibilities, we need to create new tools. In this video from TED TalksGreg Nordin speaks about his research in new breakthrough methods for microfluidic devices. He considered 3D printing but found that commercial printers and materials could not fabricate feature sizes that are in the truly microfluidic regime (<100 μm). Consequently, he and his group developed a new 3D printer and associated material that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of microfluidic device fabrication. Greg discusses their new tool and some of the new possibilities it has made available.

Greg Nordin
, a Professor at Brigham Young University, was the first person to 3D print a viable microfluidic device that was small enough to be effective at a scale much less than 100 micrometres.

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  1. We are developing a non-invasive interstitial fluid extraction device and what to use lab-on-a-chip to analyse the interstitial fluid. Please provide me with process to engage to collaborate with you and your team. Best regards, Daniel


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