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Nucleic Acid Quantification, Mutation Enrichment Technologies & Streamlining Genotyping

In just two years’ time, the digital PCR and qPCR market is set to be worth an estimated $4.94 billion. Dedicated sessions at the 4BIO Summit covered topics such as gene expression analysis, liquid biopsies and high-throughput screening. We have made the following presentation slides from Hendrik Emons, Naomi Park & Mike Makrigiorgos available.

Digital PCR for nucleic acid quantification
Hendrik Emons gives an overview on the current achievable analytical performance characteristics of dPCR methods, presented in combination with points for attention and limitations of corresponding analytical procedures.

View the slides

Streamlining the genotyping service at the Sanger Institute using Multiplex PCR and NGS
Naomi Park from the Wellcome Sanger Institute discusses the new and alternative bespoke high-throughput amplicon sequencing pipeline which requires no up-front sample quantification or normalisation.

View the slides

Novel digital PCR and mutation enrichment technologies for the analysis of clinically relevant DNA alterations in liquid biopsies
Dr Mike Makrigiorgos talks through the increasing interest in treatment assessment using liquid biopsy and circulating DNA.

View the slides

Want to read more on PCR and qPCR? Good news! Our resources page is packed full of slides and presentation videos, why not take a look now?

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