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Poster Presentations Release: Biologics and Biosimilars

Presented at the 4th Biologics & Biosimilars Congress, these poster presentations are now available to download and share with your colleagues.

Rapid development of anti-idiotypic binders using a novel affinity scaffold
Affimer® proteins are next-generation affinity scaffolds with great potential for the generation of both novel biotherapeutics and renewable research and diagnostics tools.

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Ready-to-Use Potency Assays for Bevacizumab, Aflibercept, and Ranibizumab
Cell-based bioassays often pose a hurdle during a rapidly moving biologics development program. High standards for assay accuracy, precision, reproducibility and robustness are additionally put to the test by the use of continuous culture cells that can add to variability and increase the cost and complexity of each assay.

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Novel, Improved Cell-Based Assays to Enable Immunotherapy Drug Development for Checkpoint Receptors
Regulation of immune responses is tightly controlled through a balance of co-stimulatory and inhibitory checkpoint receptors, often exploited by many cancers. Therefore, therapeutics that block inhibitory receptors or activate immuno-stimulatory checkpoint receptors have proved to be powerful agents to restore anti-tumor immune responses.

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Increased lifetime of RPC resins in insulin production by clean-up using WorkBeads 40S
Purification of recombinant insulin requires very high purity, often achieved by high resolution reversed phase chromatography (RPC) based on silica. Impurities from the feed often cause fouling of the silica resins that is difficult to remove since the option of cleaningin-place using sodium hydroxide is limited.

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