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Poster Presentations Release: Microbiome Series Europe

Presented at this year’s Microbiome Series: Europe, these poster presentations are now available to download and share with your colleagues.

Multiple approaches to innovate microbiome knowledge and rebalancing
Healthy status of people is often linked to the homeostasis of microbiome populating different body districts by creating complex but balanced living communities. It is of paramount importance to regulate these microbiomes through specific ingredients for the prevention and treatment of several diseases.

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The Greenhouse Pharmacy: Cultivating plants for Cosmeceuticals
The industry wants to replace synthetic ingredients with natural ones. This programme started with projects on several plants for food ingredients. Presently, our industrial partners have realized 4 startup companies that were based on this research. New research has now been taken up on the next step in the value pyramid: cosmeceuticals.

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Translational pig model for microbiota management and its effects on intestinal health
To demonstrate the relevance of pig models for human intervention strategies an Mark Bouwens et al. performed an intervention study in piglets and assessed responses to human probiotics in vivo and in vitro.

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All-in-One Microbiome Analysis with OmicsBox
Here the novel Metagenomics Module of OmicsBox is presented. The OmicsBox Metagenomics Module allows to perform best-practices microbiome analysis steps while successfully eliminating the hurdles of complex installations and high-performance computing requirements.

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The Microbiome & Probiotics Series: Europe will be back next year with another great line up of speakers and posters. Make a note of the dates, confirmed for 18th-20th May.


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